• Dimensions : 100 × 200 cm
  • Year : 2022
  • Signature : Signed and dated by artist
  • Support : Canvas
  • Medium :
  • Thèmes : folk art

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OGUN LAYE / let me tell you once again cause you didn't seem to have heard me the first time : "free yourself and liberate your mind by any means necessary"

"When you have something that really drives you, you have to follow it, I had this desire to create. »

After giving in to the creative “fire” that had been devouring him for years and throwing himself headlong into his artistic practice, Kévin-Ademola Sangosanya today assumes, despite his first successes, the fact of finding himself confronted with many doubts and anxieties.

Fear of not being considered legitimate for not having followed a "classic" artistic path, fear of being compared or finding themselves in competition, fear of being subjected to forms of classism, racism or "exoticization" of one's work , or quite simply the fear of losing his creativity, of disappointing himself or of failing to achieve his dream are all demons he has to face.