• Dimensions : 40 × 60 cm
  • Year : 2022
  • Medium : Acrylic collage charcoal gold leaf Indian ink marker and pigments
  • Thèmes : folk art writing

More informations

Sangosanya's works can themselves be perceived as metaphysical "guides" but also "physical" ones (both visual and tactile) towards this alignment. The insertion of cowries materializing the "soul" in the process of incarnating into the body allows for addressing the question of the trinity on another level. This fascinating emanation made up of white shells thus becomes a visual representation of light, not only spiritual but also tangible.

Similarly, the red bark covering the canvas, derived from the Pterocarpus Osun tree (African rosewood), is not only a medicinal plant but also an essential element of Yoruba rituals accompanying the naming ceremony seven days after birth, creating a bridge between the invisible world and the visible world. The third black-brown color, made from leaves of trees from the sacred forest that have been burned, is added to the white and red to complete the trinity of the Yoruba chromatic field (Funfun, light shades; Pupa, warm shades; and Dudu, dark shades).