The soldiers ADEL YOUNESI

  • Dimensions : 140 × 140 cm
  • Year : 2016
  • Medium : Oil
  • Support : Canvas
  • Signature : Hand-signed
  • Editions : Unique work
  • Mouvement : Pop art
  • Thèmes : Iranian contemporary art Politics and History
  • Ton : Colorful

More informations

Adel Younesi, a young Iranian artist, was born in 1985, in Hamadan. For him, we all live in a world full of illusions created by mental activities; desires and fears lead to strange situations. In his works, the past is transmitted and updated by itself, and combined with the present impressions, the reflections and the feelings. His paintings are both real and phantasmagoric, which show a unique, touching and poetic universe. The austere expressions of figures in black and white from old photos contrast with improbable places, the bright colours of flags, and sometimes unexpected animals : “In my recent works the relationship between animals and their behaviour besides people and things, forms universality.” Nourished with elements from past and present impressions, his subjectivity is full of hope. His evocative power paradoxically reveals the universal significance of creative imagination.