• Dimensions : 40 × 60 cm
  • Year : 2022
  • Medium : Acrylic collage charcoal gold leaf Indian ink marker and pigments
  • Thèmes : folk art writing

More informations

Of French and Yoruba origin, Kevin-Ademola SANGOSANYA was born in the Paris region in 1996. Although he showed a real passion and already great abilities for drawing at a very young age, he did after obtaining his baccalaureate in engineer in tropical agronomy. He spent 8 months in Nigeria for his end-of-diploma internship working on the conservation of forest species, reforestation, and the study of medicinal, food and sacred plants by making the link between the three areas that fascinate him. then, the preservation of culture, the sustenance of populations and spirituality. Despite everything, his compulsive need to create accompanies him on a daily basis. He draws more and more, compulsively picks up objects in the street which become supports for the creation of painting-objects and scatters the walls of Cergy where he then lives off his graffiti-poems under the pseudonym of "Lonely Jane".