• Dimensions : 210 × 90 × 50.5 cm
  • Year : 2012
  • Material : Polished stainless steel
  • Signature : Signed at the base
  • Editions : Unique work
  • Mouvement : Art conceptuel
  • Thèmes : Monumentale Politics and History
  • Ton : Color Silver metallic

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"When a wise old man dies, an entire library disappears." And if man disappears and returns to matter, he takes his knowledge with him; but he leaves, in the fertile soil of life, the seed of his memory which will enable future generations to continue to build. It is thanks to this seed that we perpetuate the memory of our ancestors, whether they are craftsmen, workers or poets. Through mirror-polished stainless steel, I am interested in the representation of death, of disappearance as much as in the notion of transmission contained in this idea of ​​seed. I think it is in contact with death that man understands ancient mythologies, the ineffable, as well as the true self. In particular, he can experience it through mediation, which lets us know the small version of the one we dread so much. When he returns to the world, man is reborn, imbued with this experience. The last dwelling, Mausoleum, tells these stories and comes to present man with his most beautiful mirror, the one in which he projects himself to inhabit it.

Yazid OULAB, les éditions du palais, 2013


A man with a thousand facets and an ancestral soul, Yazid Oulab is an artist who seems nourished by centuries of the most diverse and richest civilizations. He presents himself as an interpreter and a messenger, capable of analyzing and transcribing through simplified objects millennia of cultural, social and spiritual histories.

An indisputable craftsman in love with gesture, a fascinated and fascinating poet for whom the gaze gives rise to meaning, a tireless and potentially omniscient witness, Yazid Oulab embodies the figure of the accomplished artist. That of a man who, far from the excesses specific to our current societies, would be ready to give art its new letters of nobility.

His works, objects, installations, sculptures or videos are all tools of expression and communication that push us to consider the cultural plurality of our time while measuring the historical significance of everything.

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