Yang Liming solo show at Beijing’s Yuan Art Museum

From 27 May to 31 July 2023

Yuan Art Museum

Discover Yang Liming’s GRAND CALLIGRAPHY series at the Yuan Art Museum from May 27 to July 11, 2023.


Yang Liming, the undisputed leader of Chinese monochrome painting, exhibits at the Yuan Art Museum. For almost 20 years, Yang Liming has worked silently in this field, leaving his teaching job in 2001 to become a professional artist. He established his own independent realm in Beijing, accompanied only by his best friend and his audio equipment and CD collection. Despite a perceived lack of reference and external depression, Yang Liming remains calm and disinterested in the face of Western elitism and complexity of thought. His contemporary art, in keeping with the vision of the Xu Bing saying, is more personal, Zen-like, hidden and studio-oriented, but his vision is also broad. It’s a vision that doesn’t fully integrate with the West, but explores the intersection of Eastern and Western civilizations. Through his diluted oil paintings and use of scripted curves, Yang Liming reveals the ardor and transcendence of our present existence, skilfully blending tradition and contemporaneity.

Yang Liming has distilled the quintessential DNA of Chinese painting, “scripted curves”, to reveal the ardor, adversity and transcendence of our current “existence”…. Rooted in calligraphy and imbued with personal artistry and spiritual resonance, these curves exude musical cadence and melodic grace. With a touch of poetry, this abstract expression embraces not only the echoes of classical tradition but also the contemporary depths that pulsate in his creations. Yuan Art Museum – Beijing

The exhibition view of Grand Calligraphy – Yang Liming, Yuan Art Museum – Beijing, 2023

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