“When I am calm and meditate on my inner mind, I can feel a rotating space that slowly lights up and produces many more rays of light. What I paint is not just abstract painting, it is literally a "concretely" projection of what I feel. For me, absolutely all of these elements are tangible, including color, structure, circles or direction of light. "


Yang Liming was born in 1975 and graduated the Sichuan Art School, but quickly broke away from that as called the “Sichuan mei yuan Situation”, a phenomenon which leads most artists who are this generation, originally from this province to this situation and produce similar and not very innovative works.

In the early 2000s, he decided to study Western art, from Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism and Cubism, and to explore these different  of painting in his own works. He also dabbled in dripping for a time, fascinated by the scope of dynamic lines in the construction of Pollock’s works. However, he quickly returned to working technique of line painting with an oil brush. But the “touch” does not satisfy him either. The oil brushes do not stretch out enough, he prefers the use of the Chinese brush, in a close style  to the calligraphy that he had practiced in his childhood. A great lover of Western classical music, he then discovered the enormous potential for “musicality” of the fingerboard. The painter’s gesture, like that of the calligrapher, expresses the “qi”, both vital energy and tone, to reflect his own sensations. The result is an image which translates in a “concrete” way the vision of this feeling. This concept, impossible to translate into French but which could be defined as an “analogy” or an “analogous image”, is therefore imbued with both precepts of Taoist Chinese philosophy, movements of musical composition and the calligraphic gesture. . Yang Liming’s work is therefore situated in the interrelation of the senses (sight, hearing), of the heart as a central element of the body and motor of emotions and of the hand, extended by the brush tool.

In 2006, the artist’s first series devoted to  expressing the of “analogous image” through the line essentially explored the structuring of linear segments.  A few years later, the artist’s perception gradually changes. Straight lines and right angles give way to curved and cyclic lines, to form spatial sets made up of rotating circles. These compositions are in reality the pictorial translation of the artist’s peaceful spirit. As he put it in a 2015 interview with Liao Wen, “When I am calm and meditate on my inner mind, I can feel a rotating space that slowly lights up and produces many more rays of light. What I paint is not just abstract painting, it is literally a “concretely” projection of what I feel. For me, absolutely all of these elements are tangible, including color, structure, circles or direction of light. “

The user of the colore come equally  reforces this volontiare to drowing the “tangible reality” of sensation. For Yang Liming, the red is symbolised the passion of life and fiver.  He explain some thing which was united to blood, porter de life but also sometime worry of pain.  As for black,  he represents a family. Infinite black is not something dark that would come and destroy us. In fact, it carries a heat and a light that emerges from inner part to come and help us. The different types of black, cold or warm, find their balance in the luminosity created by the color contrasts.

From the meeting and the mixure of these two colors are born vibrations, a real carresant wave’s the surface of the canvas like the concentric circles formed by a fallen stone in the heart of a lake.

Ricochets of the heart, energetic echoes of the hand on the surface to be painted, interrogations of the past meeting the present to bring out the future.

Analogy without references and doors open to the soul of the artist. Poetic as well as prosaic works. Living spaces.



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