CORAIL ROUGE VERTIGE (Vortex 21) Philippe Huart

  • Dimensions : 15 × 15 cm
  • Year : 2020
  • Medium : Oil
  • Support : Canvas
  • Signature : Hand-signed
  • Editions : Unique work
  • Mouvement : Hyperrealism Pop art
  • Ton : Colorful

1 000.00 inc. Vat

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2021, Vertige, Galerie Loft, Paris, France

For his exhibition Vertige, Philippe Huart, a champion of "objective reality", fascinates as always. His plastic impulse of disconcerting hyperrealism comes here to form astonishing compositions that flirt with abstraction as if to better blur our perception. Colors and materials become predominant, tangible, almost palpable.
They insinuate themselves under our eyes, under our fingers, but also in our nose, our mouth, or our ears. Oscillating and vibrating, they invade us and destabilize us to the point of absolute vertigo.

Philippe Huart was born in 1953 in Clamart (France). After his studies at the Modern Arts School of Paris, he became an illustrator and graphic designer for the literary and phonographic publishing companies. In 1991, he decided to dedicate himself solely to painting. From then on he is regularly shown in solo and group exhibitions in France or abroad. He reflects on the effects that publicity, marketing and consumerism have on our subconscious. The basis of his painting comes from his concept of “objective reality”. For him the perception you have in front of a picture is mostly “visual”. It is linked to forms and patterns. Philippe Huart works are not objects of everyday life, but they are “signs”. These signs are trivialized because of the accumulation and frequency that we find them within our environment, so only the juxtaposition and overlapping of fragments, that have been expanded, allow us to perceive them under a new angle, both surprising and familiar.


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