Retrouver les bons souvenirs CHRISTOS KALFAS

  • Dimensions : 30 × 3 × 30 cm
  • Year : 2011
  • Support : Wood
  • Medium : Aquarelle
  • Signature : Signed and dated by artist
  • Editions : Unique work

1 500.00 inc. Vat

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“I work on the skin of everything that may one day give rise to a myth…”

Christos Kalfas


Christos Kalfas arrived from Greece over 40 years ago. He currently lives and works in Paris. This is how his experience as an engraver - "this wonder when you pull out the sheet of paper and discover a drawing that is there by a miracle" - joins the emergence of a new painting where figuration is accompanied by a work on the support and the material, but also on the meaning. His scrapings, cuts, incisions on paper, plasterboard, join, through time, the ancient Greek term "graphein" which means both to draw, to engrave, to write. The works of Kalfas, where painting, dreams, symbols and myths play, not only from ancient Greece, but from our Western civilization, deceptively light, imprinted with the divine and the banal, induce us to meditation, to creation of our own myth.

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