The collection “ART FOR ALL – Art is for everybody”

At the end of the 19th century, Leo Tolstoy affirmed that “Great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone.”, it will be necessary to wait almost a century for access to art is experiencing a real evolution. In the 1960’s, Andy Warhol opened a breach with his silkscreens, followed by Keith Haring in the 1980’s when he widely and loudly declared “art is for everybody”. Still even if street art has changed our perception of what exhibition spaces could be, everything needs to be done in terms of acquiring art. It’s urgent today to demystify the “elitism” of art to make our connection towards artworks evolve.

It’s with this idea in mind that the “Art For All” collection was created.


The Loft gallery has chosen with this unique angle, to offer for sale key artworks of great quality. Each chosen piece has been thought thru and made with the collaboration of the artists in a numbered limited edition, accompanied of a certificate of authenticity, at an affordable price (from 150 to 500 €). With this in perspective, to buy artworks is no longer a budget problem, but clearly a question of desire.
It is time today to declare: Yes Art is For All ! Yes everybody can buy art! and yes art can invite itself in all the areas of your life!

The need for esthetics is universal and now we can have our own artworks in our homes. Let’s put some poetry, some travesty or mystery in our everyday life.

Let’s just simply live art, for us …for all.


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