On the Way to ART FOR ALL

After a beautiful launch a year ago, the Art for All collection is now expanding with new pieces in order to continue its vocation to democratize art, offering more diversity while retaining the accessibility.

After being enriched throughout the year with the introduction of editions such as La Girouette Hiver by Philippe Hiquily, Amour Fou by Claude Gilli, or inflatable furniture by Bernard Quentin, there are now three unpublished editions, in collaboration with three new artists (Yazid Oulab, Antonio Segui and Richard Texier), who join the collection.

These works will be presented from December 2, 2021 to January 29, 2022 during a group exhibition to promote the works of all the artists who have collaborated on this beautiful project. You will find sculptures, but also monumental works, design and art furniture or paintings that will offer us a more in-depth look at their respective works.

So come and discover in the two spaces of the LOFT Gallery, each work of this collection thought, chosen and developed with the artist is offered in a limited series, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity sold between 200 and 600 euros, with a view to offering more universal access to artworks. Real works in small formats but whose creativity, authenticity, quality and commitment will make you smile or dream.
A concentrate of Art … for All.

Artiste : Francesco Marino Di Teana, Bernard Quentin, Philippe Hiquily, Claude Gilli, Parvine Curie, Antonio Segui, Philippe Druillet, Mauro Corda, Richard Texier, Sui Jianguo, Philippe Huart, Yazid Oulab, Li Lihong.

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For any purchase of an “Art For All” work during the exhibition, the shipping across Europe will be offered as well as an automatic registration for the contest “Win a work of art”.

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The draw: Saturday January 29.

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«Angel Bear is a totem, a warning message for all men»Richard TEXIER.
Find Angel Bear in the collection ART FOR ALL!

Launching price 600 Euros

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