♫ Do you remember… ♪
Pop, colors; funk, synthesizers, disco, glow….

The decade from the late 1960s to the late 1970s was colorful. A true visual revolution as much as a social and cultural one, the world is shaken by a wind of freedom. Art is also undergoing significant changes thanks to the questions brought to the artistic scene by major movements such as Support-surface, New Realism, Pop Art, Narrative Figuration, Arte Povera, minimal art, Op Art or conceptual art.

This is the time for discoveries and experiments. Design in the United States and Europe is going through a pivotal period, notably thanks to the major contribution of the artist Bernard Quentin in the field of inflatable sculpture. As for the sculpture, it is available on all media and all dimensions. Games of perspectives, movements, lines and shapes respond and harmonize. Philippe Hiquily and Francesco Marino di Teana explore their own practice to offer us their most iconic works.

The LOFT gallery has chosen to plunge into the heart of these key years, to offer us a vibrant look at this decade like no other.