• Dimensions : 300 × 254 × 232 cm
  • Year : 1988 - 2022
  • Material : Patinated hammered brass
  • Signature : Signed "P. Curie".
  • Editions : Numbered to 3 ex.

More informations

The castle of the soul is presented in the personal exhibition of Parvine Curie at the museum of Troyes.

Parvine Curie, the sculpture opens the space

Do we know what a sculpture by Parvine Curie is? An object certainly, fruit of a meticulous manufacture whose physical realities impose themselves to our glance, to our touch, to all our body. (...) Because her sculptures are above all places, spaces that the sculpture spreads, limits. In fact, her sculpture does not simply occupy a place, it has the property to transform, to open the site where it is by making it welcoming, hospitable. The third dimension introduces us into the fourth dimension, which joins the present to the past and the future. The sculpture gives our being there its true presence. It is an experience, not a theoretical concept, the discovery of a work in a precise place (...).

Paul-Louis Rinuy for Parvine Curie Sculptures and Thangkas, Campredon Art Center