Born in the Chinese province of Hubei in 1970, Rao Songqing graduated in 1991 from the People’s Liberation Army Academy…


Born in the Chinese province of Hubei in 1970, Rao Songqing graduated in 1991 from the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts in Beijing. His work is regularly exhibited in many cultural centers, museums and galleries in China. He lives and works in Beijing.

Rao’s work is eminently contemplative and wandering, aspects that are reflected in the very title of his paintings. The artist is particularly inspired by the forest landscapes around Beijing in winter. It uses many layers and shades of gray and white, punctuated with rare colors. At first glance, his work with its poetic and hushed atmosphere echoes, both visually and in its themes, traditional Chinese painting. Rao thus gives us to see scenes of vast natural landscapes, where solitary travelers evolve, classic metaphors of the human condition. The author also seems to be inspired by ancient Chinese philosophical notions, such as Taoist emptiness (Wu 無), Confucian humanism or Buddhist interdependence. His inspired, energetic and precise brushstrokes evoke the spirit of Chinese calligraphy.

Nevertheless, the artist uses clearly Western pictorial techniques. Moreover, certain recurring motifs denote a very contemporary reflection on the world. The rectilinear forest edges, in the background of a cleared or even devastated landscape, the red patterns contrasting discreetly with the overall pallor of the pictorial space that they dot here and there, testify to a concern, a feeling of bursting of landmarks, of a general loss of meaning. The solitary character, intimately connected or even mingled with the landscape which surrounds him and in which he seems to be groping his way, could well translate the quest of the artist and of the man, in search of a lost memory, of links to the world of its own and who knows, new avenues to explore.


“It is often useless to speak in front of a work that upsets us. Throughout the thirteen years I’ve known Rao, I’ve gotten to know him better and better, but commentary has always been rare when I’m faced with his works.”

Zhong, poet

“Misty Landscapes, a film I once saw, alludes to the hypothetical existence of an ‘essence’ of human beings through the image of a tree that keeps disappearing and reappearing in fog. The landscape that I represent to myself reveals an order hidden under a chaotic appearance. The journey that will last our lifetime does not follow a predefined route, and its direction is barely discernible on the horizon. I won’t tell you about the result, the only thing I can tell you is that I’m still on the road. »

RAO Songqing



Rao Songqing Exhibition : Ambiguity Between virtuality and reality,
Weirei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Between the silence, Weirei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Rao Songqing Exhibition, Weirei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Rao Songqing Exhibition, Pékin, Chine

Rao Songqing Exhibition on the paper, Pékin, Chine

A Man’s Landscape, Yan Club Art Center, Pékin, Chine
A Man’s Landscape, Paris, France


Bring a piece of landscape, Weirei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan

Quality, Upto Art Gallery, Pékin, Chine

New Year Exhibition, Pékin, Chine

Stand in circle and watch, Yan Club Art Center, Pékin, Chine

Litterature Exhibition of Black and White Realism II, MOCA (Museum of Contempory Art Beijing), Pékin, Chine

Purity - Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition, MOCA (Museum of Contempory Art Beijing), Pékin, Chine

Width - Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition, MOCA, Pékin, Chine

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Identity Chinese – French artists Joint Exhibition, Pékin, Chine
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Literature Standpoint, Shanghai East Gallery, Shanghai
Corrode, Shanghai

Contemporary Art 100 artists’Exhibition, Pékin, Chine
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Songzhuang Special Exhibition, Guangzhou International Fair, Guangzhou

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1st Youth Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Pékin, Chine
Today’s China Great Art Exhibition, China Millennium Monument, Pékin, Chine
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Life Image Exhibition, Pékin, Chine
Zhong Hong Xin Art Works Auction in spring, Pékin, Chine
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Millennium Monument, Pékin, Chine

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1st Professional Painters Group Exhibition, Pékin, Chine 

China Oil Paintings Exhibition, Hong Kong