Currency War $ vs € White LI LIHONG

  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Dimensions : 7.5 × 10.2 × 19.5 cm
  • Year : 2019
  • Material : Porcelain
  • Signature : Hand-signed
  • Editions : Edition of 200

500.00 inc. Vat

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The artist

The young artist is inspired by the greatest ceramics in Chinese history, while bringing a contemporary touch to his works.
Internalizing all the influences of contemporary international society, from advertising to consumer culture assimilated by Chinese culture following the arrival in the country such as Coca-Cola or McDonald's in the 1980s, Li Lihong transcribed in his ceramics the ancestral quality of traditional porcelain infused into new forms born from the confrontation between tradition and modernity, and more specifically the meeting of East and West.
Li lihong proves to us more than ever with his Currency War that he is a great master ceramist who knew how to feed on a whole complex tradition of Chinese porcelain to appropriate it in a unique language and multicultural.