Monumental, architectural or majestic.

Sculptural, sublime or prodigious…


If a sculpture is seen as the representation of an object in space, how do we conceive of that space when it comes to exceed human size?

Dialogue or mise en abyme, our perception of the work as much as that of our own body, are disturbed. The work-object then becomes a landscape, it takes us into a new universe.


For more than fifteen years, Galerie LOFT has begun its adventure in this field. Over the course of many collaborations with its artists in the context of major projects such as the Shanghai Universal Exhibition (Philippe Hiquily, Girouettes H.12m – 2010), the Al Maaden Golf Sculpture Park in Morocco ( Gilli, Hiquily, Segui, Yazid Oulab, Daniel Hourdé, Sunil Gawde – 2013), the presentation of monumental sculptures in public spaces (Marathonienne et Épicurienne H.5m, place Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris-2012) or during the exhibitions (Marino di Teana, Citadel of Sisteron – 2017), it has thus gradually become one of the French leaders in the realization of these works and today accompanies young artists in the design and production of large format pieces ( Quentin Garel, Yazid Oulab, La Fratrie…).

Metal sculptures with shimmering, smooth or rough skins, bright colors, vibrant reflections or subtle patinas, the monumental works presented today on the occasion of the new exhibition at Galerie LOFT are real supports for experiences. To touch, caress or immortalize, it’s a safe bet that they will surprise by the richness of the universes of the different artists who gave birth to them. So many worlds and stories to discover. As many face to face for an immersion in the heart of the sculpture.


Monumental projects by Galerie Loft since 2010