Homo 2000 Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 220 cm
  • Year : 1992-1993
  • Couleur : gold
  • Material :
  • Mouvement : Cybernetic art
  • Thèmes : writing
  • Editions : Editions of 12

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L'Homo 2000:

"The idea is to salute the advent of the Illème millénaire by erecting a monument which, through its immoderation and radiance, is able to impose an image strong enough to penetrate the imagination of all the inhabitants of the globe. Of course, if we wanted to play the technical prowess card, a two-thousand-metre tower beating all altitude records would coincide with this date in our Western calendar. But it would remain commemorative and conventional. On the contrary, the symbolism of a two-hundred-metre giant, a sculpture in human form, representing a universal man, a synthesis of all races and cultures. named "HOMO 2000", would be the only one capable of unanimously fulfilling this media role, while at the same time joining the primitive legends of giants, and the ritual art of most civilizations. But by being protean, this giant will be different from all the others. Its head, like its body, will have four faces, each representing the main race of the continent towards which they are oriented; while its evolutionary morphology will come from the interplay of thousands of points of light slowly deforming its contour (quadruple) and creating the illusion of living mobility".