The crowd Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 106 × 126 cm
  • Year : 1960
  • Couleur : Black Green Red
  • Signature : Signed and dated at the base
  • Medium : Oil
  • Support : Canvas
  • Mouvement : Cybernetic art

More informations

During the 1960s, Bernard Quentin developed a particular interest in crowds, giving rise to a series of artworks. Over the span of two decades, the artist explored this subject in two dimensions, utilizing various mediums and formats.
This specific artwork stands out due to its significant size and the contrast between the vibrant red used to paint certain figures and the pale yellow background. The beings depicted by Quentin, seemingly surrounded by writing, are all identical and can only be distinguished by their black or red color.

‘The city teeming with people is engulfed by the tidal wave of advertising. In 1960, Quentin creates paintings where the interweaving of the ghostly crowd and the eruption of letters and words, sometimes enhanced by collage, is complete. These elements are now treated as isolated entities.’

Jean Leymarie, Quentin: From Graffiti in 1947 to the Monuments of the 3rd Millennium.