Red Sun, 1955 Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 198 × 118 cm
  • Year : 1955
  • Couleur : Black Grey Red
  • Medium : Mixed media
  • Support : paper mounted on masonite panel
  • Signature : Signé Signed and dated at the base
  • Ton : Dark
  • Mouvement : Cybernetic art

More informations

During the year 1955, Bernard Quentin created a series of ‘Battles,’ including Soleil Rouge (Red Sun). These two-dimensional artworks convey a sense of chaos to their viewers, which becomes particularly meaningful when we consider the post-war context in which Quentin was operating. Clearly deeply affected by the violence of World War II conflicts, the artist expresses himself through broad vertical and horizontal strokes of black matter. Small red figures stand out amidst the tumult. That same year, Quentin comes up with another Battle ; its composition is similar though the canvas is smaller. It also features long horizontal areas of dark matter and small black figures.