1989 Brume Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 153 × 150 cm
  • Year : 1989
  • Couleur : Brown Green Red
  • Signature : Signed and dated by artist
  • Thèmes : writing
  • Mouvement : Cybernetic art
  • Support : Canvas
  • Medium : Acrylic
  • Ton : Colorful

More informations

"The most vivid modernity combines with a quest for origins. Familiar with Picasso, Quentin began with a raging graphic style derived from Guernica. His discovery of Klee in Bern, also decisive for Michaux, removed him from Expressionism and brought him back to the primitive magic of signs and letters. He embraced and transposed the learned codes of hieroglyphs, cuneiforms, ideograms, alphabets, archaic inscriptions and popular graffiti inspired by Tapies and Dubuffet, and looked from medieval tapestries to narrative legend."

Jean Leymarie, Quentin Des Graffiti de 1947 aux monuments du 3e millénaire