Art Cube Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 30 × 30 × 6 cm
  • Signature : Signé
  • Thèmes : writing
  • Mouvement : Cybernetic art
  • Year : 1984
  • Material : Black marble

More informations

"a dreamer who knew how to make people dream (...). ) a one-man band who could play equally well with painting, sculpture, architecture, engraving, the archaeology of the future, stained glass, mosaics, tapestries, goldsmiths, hieroglyphs, epic signs that can rival those of Georges Mathieu and others with Michaux's graphics (and conceived long before), electronic "Bip-bip" writing or graffiti that 40 years later make our young loubards-graffitists look like pathetic daubers. A jack-of-all-trades of genius (who tried) to synthesize all artistic disciplines and cutting-edge technologies to reach all audiences through different approaches, and where everyone, at whatever level, can draw their own truth." (Revue l'œil, August 1989)