When we think of infinity and eternity, it’s like the dream of a drop of water to be the ocean Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 101 × 183 cm
  • Year : 2015
  • Couleur : White
  • Mouvement : Cybernetic art
  • Thèmes : writing
  • Medium : Acrylic
  • Support : Wood

More informations

In 1977, together with Jesus Rafael Soto, Jean Messagier, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Pierre Restany and Serge Rezvani, Bernard Quentin founded the L'Art+ collective, whose aim was to extend art through monumental integrations into the environment. He developed his "art language" (BABEL 62 project, renamed "QuentinBabelweb" in 1998), a language based on universal graphic signs, understandable by all.

"We had to find a universal language and invent symbols that everyone could understand. But the meaning of symbols can differ from one continent to another. That's why I imposed symbols that could be taken up by everyone. That's the universal aspect. I based my work on kufic and Zen calligraphy, where each artist adds something to the meaning.

For Bernard Quentin, the color of the signs situates them grammatically: blue for nouns, green for adjectives, red for verbs, orange for articles and pronouns. His writing system, designed to unite people, is made up of three thousand signs that can say anything, tell anything. Graffiti, shorthand graffiti, hieroglyphics, pictograms, fiber optics and electronic letters form a veritable "semiotic art".