Milano Bernard Quentin

  • Dimensions : 209 × 100 cm
  • Year : 1963
  • Support : tissue mounted on canvas
  • Signature : Hand-signed
  • Editions : Unique work
  • Ton : Colorful
  • Thèmes : writing

More informations

‘It is one of the great achievements of contemporary art to have been able to see writing in and of itself, recognizing its plastic specificity. Quentin is among those who have drawn the maximum consequences from it, that is to say, works. Everything he has created within this gap of modernity refers to the marking of the world that writing represents.’

Jean-Clarence Lambert (Quentin, des graffitis aux monuments, 1991.

Bernard Quentin, tirelessly seeking reflection on the scope of art and language, dedicates a significant portion of his life to exploring writing, signs, and calligraphy. These themes recur frequently in his work, making him a true pioneer of semiotic art. This exploration continues until the end of his life, demonstrating his enduring interest in these subjects.